Assistant Care

From assistant splits to counterbalanced breakfasts, It's no abruptness that bananas are one of the best accepted fruits worldwide. Not alone is the bake-apple able and tasty, assistant plants additionally accept a characteristic attending with majestic blossoms and long, adorable leaves alignment from adventurous blooming to abysmal red.

Scientific name: Musa spp.

Why abound bananas? Growing your own bananas allows you to aggrandize above the banal aftermath administration and chaw into new acidity sensations, like candied boilerplate ice chrism (Ice Chrism banana) or a alloy of angel and birthmark (Manzano banana).

Can I abound bananas area I live? Don't alive in a close paradise? No problem. Bananas can abound in abounding climates with a little added TLC. Beneath 32 degrees Fahrenheit, bananas will benumb to the ground, but with able pre-freeze mulching, they may return. You can alike abound bananas indoors.

Bananas adulation these growing conditions:

  • Light: Full sun
  • Fertilizer: N/P/K (Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium) in a 3/1/6 ratio. Accord our assistant fuel a try.
  • Soil: Soils that authority water. (Ditches and below spots are ideal.) Baptize frequently if buried in albino soil.
  • Zone: Perennial, area 7b

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