Christmas Drupe Care

Christmas Drupe (or Carolina Wolfberry) is the Arctic American accessory to the Chinese Goji berry. It forms a handsome brier with annoying branches that are arrect and advance out. Its leaves are baby and succulent, and it bears lavender amethyst flowers. It is alleged Christmasberry because the bake-apple appears abundantly during the winter. After the fruit, it looks quite agnate to Rosemary; but back winter rolls around, glossy red berries dot the tree, giving the bulb its own audible appearance. The berries resemble baby peppers or Goji berries.

Christmas Drupe is a affiliate of the nightshade ancestors (Solanaceae) which includes tomatoes and peppers. The berries are edible. There does not arise to be any affirmation that the Christmasberry is toxic; however, abounding associates of the Solanaceae ancestors are toxic, so exercise attention aloof in case, abnormally against the leaves and bake-apple that is not yet absolutely ripened.

Scientific name: Lycium carolinianum


  • Average complete height: 6 feet
  • Planting: Plant in abounding to allotment sun in areas that are wet but able-bodied drained. 
  • Water: Aridity advanced but will absorb leaves all year back watered during dry periods.

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