Albatross Ear Care

If it’s majesty and absorbing admeasurement you’re afterwards in your garden, Albatross Aerial are a abundant choice. The leaves don’t aloof resemble the appearance of an elephant’s ear but additionally the massive size. Not abiding which array to accept or how to affliction for Albatross Ears? Read on.

Scientific name: Colocasia spp. and Alocasia spp.




  • Leaves adhere or droop
  • Bright light
  • Heavy, abundant soil
  • Leaves generally point cocked or horizontally
  • Part sun to shade*
  • Well-draining soil*


* Colocasias and green-leaved Alocasias (Calidora, Borneo King, etc.) accept agnate affliction needs. All added Alocasias adopt drier clay that is ablaze and aerated, and they advance in allotment sun to shade.

  • Fertilizer. Keep Albatross Ears' appetites apathetic with abundant fertilizing. We use our appropriate Elephant Ear Formula for lush, accelerated growth.
  • Light. Whatever ablaze is available, it’s a win-win with Colocasias and green-leaved Alocasias. They calmly acclimate to the bulk of ablaze they receive. If buried in abounding sun, they about abound added bunched and blithely colored. In shade, Albatross Aerial generally ability their better size. Note for all added Alocasias: Bulb in allotment sun to shade.
  • Soil. Don’t use well-draining clay with Colocasias or green-leaved Alocasias. Heavy, abundant clay is ideal. In the algid of winter, acquiesce the clay to dry out somewhat. Note for all added Alocasias: Use clay that’s dry, light, and aerated agnate to clay acclimated for abode plants.
  • Water. Elephant Aerial are big admirers of water. We acclaim burying them in a bank basin of baptize or in a alembic with a saucer.
  • Zones: 6-11 / Abiding zones 9-11

Damaged leaves? Don’t fret. The leaves will bound re-grow from the tubers. And you won’t alike accept to delay for the bulb to mature. Alike starter-size plants will aftermath new leaves.

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