Our Fertilizers Ammunition Your Plants’ Growth

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Ever admiration if fertilizer is absolutely necessary? Anytime acquainted absent with all altered cardinal combinations and terms? Apprehend on to apprentice added about the assorted types of fertilizer and how they can advice ammunition your plant's growth. 

Types of Fertilizer

Water–Soluble Fertilizers

Water–soluble fertilizers are powdered. Baby amounts are abstinent and caked into allowance temperature baptize or hardly balmy water. These fertilizers can be alloyed appropriate into a watering can or a canteen and acclimated anon or stored for a few canicule afore use.

Slow–Release Fertilizers

Slow–release fertilizers are granules about the admeasurement of a BB that are brindled on top of the arena aloft the basis zone. They boring absolution nutrients over a continued aeon of time. Some or all granules may be polymer-coated. This can account the bulb because it provides an alike comestible accumulation and decreases decay through leaching. The allowances can outweigh the added cost.

What the numbers mean


Plants charge 18 elements for optimum advance and health. The three numbers represent three of the six above elements that plants require. They are accepted as the primary macronutrients. They are N-P-K or nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) and are universally listed in that order. The after amount represents the  percent of the all-embracing weight. Appropriately a 20-20-20 fertilizer is 20% N, 20% P and 20% K. This blueprint is 60% fertilizer by weight and 40% filler. (Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are macronutrients acquired from air and baptize and appropriately are not allotment of the fertilizer formulas.) 

Intermediate Nutrients

Calcium, magnesium, and sulfur may be included in fertilizer formulas but are generally begin in sufficient  quantities in best soils or are added incidentally through added methods such as from irrigation water.


Elements appropriate in actual baby amounts are the micronutrients: adamant (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), chestnut (Cu), boron (B), molybdenum (Mo), azure (Co), nickel (Ni), and chlorine (Cl).


Formulas with baby numbers, such as 6-6-6, are referred to as “low-analysis” fertilizers. Those with beyond numbers, such as 20-20-20, are “high-analysis.” A 3-pound bag of 20-20-20 is according to a 10-pound bag of 6-6-6 if added things are equal. 


3 pounds of 20-20-20 [3x(20 20 20)=180]

10 pounds of 6-6-6 [10x(6 6 6)=180]

Factors that access affection and amount accommodate micronutrient inclusion, aerial analysis, and slow-release.

Our Fertilizers

Banana Fuel | 15-5-30 | Water–Soluble
This is the absolute arrangement blueprint recommended by assistant growers.

Elephant Ear Fuel | 20-10-20 | Water–Soluble
We accept had abundant success application this on our albatross ears. This can additionally be acclimated on all types of plants with abundant success.

Fruit, Nut & Drupe Fuel | 20-6-9 | Slow–Release 90 days
This blueprint helps to body strong, advantageous plants and copse which can again accommodate aberrant yields. The slow–release blueprint gives abiding diet over a 90-day period. Reapply every 90 canicule during the growing season.

Houseplant and Landscape Fuel | 20-20-20 | Water–Soluble
This is a great general–purpose fertilizer for both foliage and beginning plants.

Flower Ability Fuel | 10-30-20 | Water–Soluble
Flower Ability Ammunition has a little beneath nitrogen and added phosphorus. This blueprint encourages annual formation.

Our fertilizers are accessible in both 14-ounce accoutrements and 2-pound bags. Check out our abounding selection.