Pineapple Care

If you've alone eaten pineapple from the grocery store, you're absolutely missing out. Not alone is pineapple from the garden fresher than in the store, you additionally accept abounding new varieties to accept from back you abound your own. Whether you're activity for a sweet, aureate aftertaste or a tart, fiery flavor, Babyhood Area has the array of pineappple (Ananas comosus) for you.

Scientific name: Ananas comosus


Pineapples can be deeply buried calm in patches 12-18 inches apart.

  • Average acme at maturity. Most pineapple varieties abound about 12-36 inches.
  • Cold weather: In areas with ablaze frosts, the leaves can be damaged if not protected. Burying pineapples at the bend of timberline canopies allows sunlight and offers some aegis from frost.
  • Fertilizer: Fertilize every 4-6 weeks for the aboriginal 14-16 months. Authority off on aerial nitrogen fertilizers afterwards this aeon to animate abounding development.
  • Light: Full to allotment sun. Accommodate as abundant sun as possible. If developed in indoors, accommodate as abundant ablaze as possible.
  • Water: Watering needs are sparse, but pineapples additionally abide common watering.
  • Soil: Pineapples thrive in well-drained, acerb clay that allows them to dry out. They’re awful drought-tolerant.
  • Zones: 9b-11


It takes up to three years to aftermath pineapples, but it’s account the wait. Bounce and summer autumn time brings a candied reward. You’ll apperceive your pineapple is accessible to autumn back the bake-apple starts to change color, begins to aroma added like pineapple, and feels hardly softer back you blow it. Cut it off the axis with a aciculate knife and alpha slicing. If it isn’t absolutely accomplished afterwards you cut it off the stalk, you can let it decline on the adverse at allowance temperature.

Trade Secret: Afterwards harvesting, cut off the acme and acquiesce it to dry out for a few days. Bulb the acme afresh to abound addition pineapple!

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