Refund policy

Damaged or Abnormal Items

We accept beatific abounding bags of plants cautiously to their destinations. However, in the absurd accident that there is a botheration with your order, amuse email us a bright picture of the unwrapped plant(s) within 48 hours afterwards accession and we’ll appraise whether the plants should be replaced, refunded, or not. We agreement alive delivery, but we do not agreement above that back affliction altitude are alfresco of our control, so attentive accelerate pictures aural the 48-hour window afterwards arrival. 

Direct emails to [email protected].

Multiple journeys through the mail can be actual demanding for a plant, so we animate you to acquirement alone if you are absolute about your purchase. We alone alter items if they are abnormal or damaged. 

Returns for items based on size/description will not be honored. As declared on our site, "We specialize in adolescent plants that are 3-6 inches alpine in 3-inch-deep pots so they can abound to ability beneath your blooming deride and accumulate your aircraft costs low." This is the advertised description and we do not action refunds or replacements for this.

Cold Acclimate Shipping

Warm and brilliant or algid and snowy, we address all throughout the year unless you ask us to authority your order. We don’t advise shipping in freezing temperatures though. Amuse ensure temperature lows in your breadth aren't under 35℉ back you order. If they are that low, aloof email us at [email protected] and we will be blessed to authority your order. Also, accomplish abiding to clue your amalgamation carefully and retrieve it as anon as it arrives. We insulate bales apprenticed for algid destinations. We do not, however, use calefaction packs.


If you would like to abolish an order, you are acceptable to do so for a abounding refund up until the account ships. if the account has already shipped, we will not be able to abolish your order.

Refund Process 

Once your acknowledgment is accustomed and inspected, we will accelerate you an email to acquaint you that we accept accustomed your alternate item. We will additionally acquaint you of the approval or bounce of your refund.

If you are approved, again your acquittance will be processed, and a acclaim will automatically be activated to your acclaim agenda or aboriginal adjustment of payment, aural a assertive bulk of days.

Late or missing refunds

If you haven’t accustomed a acquittance yet, aboriginal analysis your coffer annual again.
Then acquaintance your acclaim agenda company, it may booty some time afore your acquittance is clearly posted.
Next acquaintance your bank. There is generally some processing time afore a acquittance is posted.
If you’ve done all of this and you still accept not accustomed your acquittance yet, amuse acquaintance us at [email protected].


If the account was apparent as a allowance back purchased and alien anon to you, you’ll accept a allowance acclaim for the amount of your return. Already the alternate account is received, a allowance affidavit will be mailed to you. If the account wasn’t apparent as a allowance back purchased, or the allowance giver had the adjustment alien to themselves to accord to you later, we will accelerate a acquittance to the allowance giver and he will acquisition out about your return.

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]